The dangers of testing free samples

RC vendors come and go, and a lot of them care as much for your health as they care for the turd they flushed down the loo that morning. Many websites that you see popping up are just there to gain a quick buck.

Luckily these websites usualy are not the most prominent ones, e.g the sites you see advertised and being talked about on leading RC forums such as ChemsRus. The danger however is, that some of these websites come out with novelty chems; Drugs that you have read about and that have facinated you but that were out of reach of any research. Then out of nowhere a new vendor appears with your desired chem complete with free samples.You think "I've been trying to source that for ages". So, naturally, you pounce and request a sample.


Your samples arrive, you get poisoned and if you're lucky you'll have a really bad night of researching. If you're unlucky however, you'll end up as a vegetable with a range of mental deseases that are yet to be named. Maybe you'll eat homeless people's faces or dance around naked in Tesco's.

Will you take that chance?

Some of you will and some of you won't. Afterall curiousity killed the cat. Previous research projects may have hightened that sense of recklesness and you may have ended up with some newfound bravado. Leads me to my next point, is it a good idea to request and research samples? And how you can be sure that you won't end up a carrot on wheels?
The short answer to this is: Do not get any samples of research chemicals that haven't been tried and tested from a vendor that has passed the test of time.
And for the other answer? Well, imagine a life of being sat next to a window seat in your very own wheelchair getting fed custard through tubes. If that's your idea of living life to the max, it's up to you. Are you willing to risk all that for the brief thrill of a possible high with an unknown and potential unsafe substance from an unknown vendor? For those that want to keep their faculties: Stay safe, don't be a guinea pig.

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