Tester's chem reviews

The Tester is a non-profit blog who has kindly given us permission to reprint his reports, written with the aim of keeping you, the readers, as safe as possible when you conduct extracurricular research. We will be testing various research chemicals supplied to us by genuine vendors in order to ensure that: 1) You get what you pay for and 2) Trustworthy vendors recieve the praise and recognition they deserve. Be safe, The Tester. You can find the tester's blog on harmrejection.blogspot.com.

Blizzard Aromatic Balls

Blizzard Aromatic Balls are a new product on sale from the vendor Phanfakandi. Nothing is known about their chemical composition but it is believed to be a similar product to the popular "Jolly Green Granules" because of their appearance.

No intended effects are stated, although anecdotal reports suggest physical stimulation, euphoria, nystagmus, bruxism and insomnia can be expected.

Sample 1
Supplier: Phanfakandi (www.phanfakandi.com)
Amount Tested: 250mg
Stated contents: Blizzard Aromatic Balls
Marquis test result: No real reaction, perhaps some slight fizzing.
R.O.A: Oral
Other notes:  Appearance is unusual- the product consists of many small white balls which contain powder (can be accessed by crushing).


The Tester dissolves 250mg of the BAB in boiling water, and consumes the small amount of fluid as quickly as possible. There is a distinctly unpleasant taste to the fluid, which might be masked in future by the addition of fruit juice. The taste is quickly washed away by a second undulterated drink, and quickly forgotten.

After 20 minutes, The Tester notes some stimulation and slight but not unpleasant muscle tension. There is a definite sense of something 'beginning'.

By the time 35 minutes have passed, The Tester reports a surprisingly intense euphoria and stimulation. Music is insisted upon and apparently enjoyed greatly by The Tester, and they express a desire to talk- showing both empathy and a near-inability to stop talking. This state persists and stays relatively consistent in quality for around three hours, at which point it begins to taper off for a further hour and a half.

Following the experiment, The Tester reports feeling disappointed that the effects have diminished, and that they would redose given the opportunity. After effects reported include fatigue and insomnia, although only at mild intensities


Methoxetamine is a disassociative chemical compound with a structure similar to Tiletamine and 3-Meo-PCP. It is (presumably) marketed as a legal alternative to Ketamine.

Methoxetamine's potency is thought to be higher than Ketamine, with a longer onset and duration. It should be noted that Methoxetamine is active at very low doses and any research should be exercised with extreme caution. If this compound is ingested, users can expect:

At low doses: Amusement, a lack of co-ordination, potentially some euphoria. Anecdotal reports suggest some pain-killing properties at all doses.
At medium doses: Some confusion and mental disarray. Co-ordination will be severely impaired and there can be some psychedelia although this is difficult to accurately predict.
At high doses: Near complete removal from reality. Hallucinations almost guaranteed.

Sample 1
Supplier: Rave Gardener (http://www.ravegardener.co.uk)
Amount Tested: 0.02g
Stated contents: Methoxetamine
Marquis test result: No reaction
R.O.A: Insufflation
Other notes: It is difficult to verify whether or not your Methoxetamine is genuine using a Marquis reagent, as it produces no result. Only purchase MXE from the vendors listed here (http://www.methoxetamine.co.uk/vendors.html) as the manufacturer has stated that these are the only vendors with access to genuine Methoxetamine


The Tester has no experience with disassociative compounds and is rightly cautious about approaching this particular substance. A very tiny amount is dabbed onto the tongue in order to test for allergy, and no allergic reaction is observed.

An hour later, 8mg is insufflated. There is very little discomfort whatsoever, although later The Tester does note some "drip" which tastes unpleasant. There are no immediate effects.

Roughly thirty minutes later, The Tester describes a feeling similar to drunkenness. They are very slightly unsteady on their feet and mention a feeling of warmth and comfort. They also describe how amazed they are that such a small amount produces such pronounced effects. Nothing more is consumed for four hours.

After four hours, The Tester feels the effects of the earlier dose have almost completely worn off. A further 12mg is insufflated, again to very little discomfort. This time the effects become apparent more quickly (although not by much) and are more pronounced. However, The Tester feels more prepared for these effects this time and is less disorientated by them. They report the warm comfort is the prevailing symptom this time round.

At this point the experiment is drawn to a close because The Tester deems it unwise for them to carry out research with higher doses when they have such little experience with this type of substance, although they do say the experience was an enjoyable one.

A3A Methano: An Announcement

The Tester has read and received some worrying reports regarding a substance being sold under the name "A3A Methano".

Whilst The Tester does not endorse reactionary behaviour and promotes rational debate where it can, we wish to advise all our readers to steer well clear of this substance until much more is known about its chemical structure and effects. Several anecdotal reports have described hospital visits after what could be described as relatively careful usage, and The Tester would hate to see more of the same.

As always, stay safe folks.


5,6-Methylenedioxy-2-aminoindane (MDAI) is another chemical created by David E Nichols and his team of researchers in the 1990's. It is a highly potent selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, and is non-neurotoxic. It is known to be a mild entactogen that produces no physical stimulation (a la amphetamines). This compound is one of the many that have been marketed by research chemical vendors to fill the void left by the chemicals that were banned under legislation passed earlier this year, but has been met with mixed reviews due to a lack of purity in the product and disappointment in its mild effects. These effects should include mild euphoria, pupil dilation, insomnia and possibly even some sedation.

Sample 1
Supplier: Rave Gardener
Amount Tested: 0.2g
Stated contents: MDAI
Marquis test result: Instant change to a deep red, followed later by brown.
R.O.A: Insufflation/Oral
Other notes: No reaction to allergy test. Marquis result is consistent with those reported by other researchers who have come across product with high purity. Compound is a very light shade of brown/grey and completely crystalline.


The Tester  begins research with a very small amount, insufflated. There is some pain, but nothing massively uncomfortable. After waiting for an hour, The Tester concludes that this dose is sub-threshold, and decides to wait until later in the day before increasing the dose and changing the route of administration to see if there is any change.

Four hours later, 150mg of the chemical is placed in a gel cap and ingested with a glass of water. An hour passes with no results, before The Tester notices their pupils begin to dilate enthusiastically. With this comes a mild, but distinct sense of well-being that could be described as euphoria. The Tester notes that this effect, whilst understated, is still stronger than they had expected. Music appreciation is possibly increased, although this could be a placebo effect. The compound also has a longer duration than initially expected, with effects not fully diminished until four hours after The Tester swallowed the gel cap. Unfortunately this meant that sleep was interrupted.

All in all, MDAI seems to be a relatively pleasing compound with few negative side effects. However, researchers looking for more intense experiences will likely find it unfulfilling.


Dimethocaine is a local anaesthetic (and dopamine reuptake inhibitor) with some stimulant properties. It is not a new compound, but has recently been launched as a Reseach Chemical by several vendors. The results of some studies have suggested that it is nearly as potent as cocaine, although conversely some anecdotal reports have stated a complete lack of recreational use potential. The Tester has read several reports online that have noted a distinct amount of stimulation but with limited euphoria (perhaps as little as 1/5 of that of cocaine). This seems the most likely outcome.

Sample 1
Supplier: PFC
Amount Tested: 0.1g
Stated contents: Dimethocaine
Marquis test result: Initially turns an opaque yellow, before gradually turning orange.
R.O.A: Insufflation
Other notes: No reaction to allergy test, insufflation is painless.


The Tester receives the sample in a well-sealed padded envelope. Inside is a small self-seal plastic bag labelled with the weight and name of the compound inside and a picture of its chemical structure. This is a nice touch, and an example The Tester believes more vendors should follow.

The Tester takes a minscule amount of the light, yellow powder and insufflates. There is a very minor feeling of irritation inside the nasal passage followed instantly by a powerful numbing sensation. No other effects are recorded at this dose (~7mg) but then, none were expected.

Afterwards, The Tester measures out two doses of roughly 40mgs each and insufflates them within a period of about 30 minutes. This time, the numbing is extensive and extends its effects to the back of The Tester's tongue and throat. Definite stimulation is noted at this dose, and an increased heart rate becomes apparent immediately. There is also a surprising (yet very mild) euphoria, which The Tester had not expected at such a low dose. Some desire to redose is felt, but it is easily ignored.

Two hours later, the effects have worn-off completely, leaving no apparent residual stimulation (although doubtless this would not be the case at higher doses) or noticeable crash of any sort.

M1M / B2+

M1M and B2+ are billed as being "supercharged" versions of other products sold by the same vendors (MadCat and B2 respectively). It is The Tester's belief that they are, in fact, different substances altogether based on differing consistency, colour, smell and taste. However, as usual it is impossible to say for sure without the use of advanced scientific techniques. The Tester thought it safe to assume that the effects of these compounds would be similar to that of MadCat/ M1M, although to a higher degree. Those effects were mental and physical stimulation, euphoria, sweating, nystagmus, bruxism, insomnia and possible vasoconstriction. 

Sample 1 (M1M)
Supplier: Chemical Dog
Amount Tested: 0.5g
Stated contents: Unknown
Marquis test result: No colour change, but energetic fizzing is observed.
R.O.A: Insufflation
Other notes: No reaction to allergy test, insufflation stings initially and this pain tends to worsen with redosing.

Report: The Tester knows what to expect from this compound, having encountered it before recreationally. For this reason, they do not follow the usual method of beginning the experiment with a tiny dose and gradually increasing the doses until threshold is reached. The Tester does not recommend you follow this example if you are not completely familiar with any substance.

Unfortunately, there is not much to be said about these compounds that The Tester has not reported in their previous experiment on MadCat/ B2. The Tester approximates that this compound is more potent than those substances by roughly 50%, and doses can be altered accordingly. Because of the increase in potency, the desire to redose is significant and the tester recommends you exercise caution, lest you find yourself on the wrong side of a multiple-days' binge.

Sample 2 (B2+)
Supplier: Higher Grow
Amount Tested: 0.5g
Stated contents: Unknown
Marquis test result: As above
R.O.A: Insufflation
Other notes: As above.

Report: Quality is completely consistent with that supplied by the vendor above, as is everything else. The Tester would like to mention at this point that both of these vendors have been extremely friendly and responsible, and come highly recommended.


6-APB was released earlier this year amidst various setbacks and controversies. No toxicology data is available for this compound as it has no history of human use, although it is thought to be a potent releaser of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. Anecdotal reports have cited the effects as bruxism, nystagmus, euphoria, stimulation, empathy and nausea (The Tester is sure there are more, but these are the most common).

The Tester would suggest taking special care when experimenting with anything sold as 6-APB as there have been many reported cases where adulterated (or completely unidentified) substances have been consumed at the cost of the researchers involved. Reportedly, 6-APB should give a dark blue/purple reaction when tested with Marquis reagent, and The Tester strongly advises this course of action.

Sample 1
Supplier: Chemical Dog
Amount Tested: 0.1g
Stated contents: 6-APB
Marquis test result: No colour change, intense fizzing
R.O.A: Insufflation/Oral
Other notes: The Tester decided to proceed with this experiment in spite of the Marquis test result, which seemed inconsistent with the proper reaction for 6-APB. It is not advised that anyone else do so for any reason. No reaction to allergy test.


Initially, a very small amount (10mg?) is insufflated. The Tester notes unusually intense pain upon insufflation and vows solemnly never to repeat this mistake. There is a noted stimulation, but no other apparent effects. The Tester decides to wait until completely back to baseline before proceeding, because of the unknown nature and effects that are possible.

After an hour, 80mg is dissolved in orange juice (which masks any taste) and the solution is swallowed quickly.

Some time around an hour later, The Tester notices their pupils have become extremely dilated. This proves to be the first in a series of progreesively more intense side effects until The Tester comes to the realisation that they are fully under the control of this compound. Extreme stimulation (although predominantly mental stimulation) accompanied by euphoria, a profound level of focus and some minor visual distortion in the form of gentle undulation at the peripheral areas of vision are all noted. Tactile sensations are enhanced, and The Tester finds the (potentially percieved) fluctuations in body temperature to be very pleasant. This continues, unhindered, for the next four hours.

At about five hours from the initial dose, stimulation begins to subside, but visual distortions increase slightly for roughly the next hour. From this point onwards, The Tester feels themselves eased back into sobriety with no noteable "crash" or urge to redose. Sleep is attained by The Tester that night, but they do mention that they wouldn't have liked to try and sleep within 7 hours of dosing with this compound.

All in all, The Tester had a very enjoyable experience, but is still unsure of the veracity of the claims that this was in fact 6-APB.

Sample 2
Supplier: Top Research Chemicals
Amount Tested: 0.1g
Stated contents: 6-APB
Marquis test result: No colour change, intense fizzing
Other notes: The Tester decided to proceed with this experiment in spite of the Marquis test result, which seemed inconsistent with the proper reaction for 6-APB. It is not advised that anyone else do so for any reason. No reaction to allergy test.


The Tester has decided not to write a full second report, as the effects and duration were (for all intents and purposes) identical to the ones described in the report above. It appears there is some consistency present here, but again The Tester is unsure of exactly what this substance is because of the reaction with Marquis.

Sample 3
Supplier: Rave Gardener

Amount Tested: One pellet.
Stated contents: 6-APB
Marquis test result: Immediate change to deep purple
Other notes: This time the Marquis reaction is much more encouraging. Anecdotal reports suggest that this is the correct reaction for 6-APB. The Tester notes a smell similar to that of TCP.

On an empty stomach, The Tester injests the small brown pellet with a glass of water and proceeds to complete some household chores. Some time around the one hour mark, The Tester gets the urge to evacuate their bowels and when they go to do so they notice pupil dilation when looking in the mirror. The Tester assumes this is the beginning of the pellet's effects and decides to sit down and play some music.

Roughly thirty minutes later, and a rising euphoria is experienced, which in time becomes intense and unmistakeable. Music appreciation is greatly enhanced, as are tactile senses, and The Tester feels both stimulated and slightly unsteady on their feet. It is noted that dancing is very enjoyable.

These 'peak' effects last for somewhere between three and four hours, and afterwards the experience tapers very gradually back into a relatively sober (but still pleasant) state. At this stage The Tester notes some slight warping at the edges of their vision, but nothing too disorientating or alarming. It should be noted that during the experience The Tester didn't feel the desire to eat anything at all, and found it difficult to urinate on command even though they had consumed a relatively large amount of fluid.

All in all this was, by far, the most positive experience with 6-APB that The Tester has had thus far.

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