5-MeO-DALT from MeowRightNow.com


Vendor name: Meow Right Now

Website: www.meowrightnow.com

Product: N,N-diallyl-5-methoxytryptamine (5-MeO-DALT)  CAS number: 928822-98-4

Price:  £15 for 1 gram

Appearance: Fine tan powder

Quantity received: 100mg

Delivery time: 7 days (to Spain)

Packaging: White envelope containing labeled transparent baggy with chemical name, website address and labeled as "pond cleaner". The baggy contained another baggy with the product.

Marquis test results: Not tested

Dose tested: 25mg

POSITIVE = This Vendor has got a good product, timely delivery and good communication.
NEGATIVE = It would be of advantage if they would add CAS and weight to the packaging.

COMMENTS: High quality product.


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