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Vendor name: Official Research Chemicals


Product: Pyrazolam 1-methyl[1,2,4]triazolo-6-(2-pyridinyl)-8-bromo-1,4-benzodiazepine

Price:  £8 for 5 x 0.5mg pellets

Appearance: Yellow pellets

Quantity received: 2 pellets

Delivery time: 2 working days (UK to Spain)

Packaging:  Inside a large TNT envelope which contained a padded envelope, a shiny alluminium silver, air tight sealed bag was found in which there was a regular baggy containing the product. The baggy was properly labeled with the accurate weight, chemical formula and safety information.




POSITIVE =  Excellent communication with this vendor and very impressive packaging. We have never received an order this fast and it is refreshing to see that besides from normal shipping methods, these guys are flexible when it comes to shipping. Good quality product too and they boast a professional website that is easy to use and includes phone number and live chat.
NEGATIVE = We try our best not to hand out high scores but it is a hard thing with this vendor. The only remark we could make here is that the prices are slightly higher than those vendors who concentrate on only a few products.

COMMENT: Good quality product from a reliable vendor with super fast shipping and amazing packaging at competitive rates.


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