Ethylphenidate from

Pure Chemicals

Vendor name:  PureChemicals


Product: Ethylphenidate (ethyl 2-phenyl-2-piperidin-2-ylacetate) CAS No.: 19716-79-1

Price:  £16 for 1 gram

Appearance: Small white crystals

Quantity received: 1 gram

Delivery time: 7 working days (to Spain) - Vendor ships products using Royal Mail's Signed for. A tracking number is provided which enables detailed tracking to abroad.

Packaging: Padded envelope which a contained plastic black sealed bag in which a regular transparent baggy was found with the compound. The black sealed bag had a big sticker on the front which not only informed about the CAS number, but also, the formula, name, warnings, precautionary statements, transportation information, weight, a barcode and batch number.

Marquis test results: Not tested

Dose tested: 50mg

ROA: Insuflated

Quality report

HIGH = At one dose this product delivers a clean stimulating high with a touch of euphoria.
COME UP & DOWN = 1 hours taken orally for come up. Come down produces an unpleasant hangover similar to most amphetamines. Residual stim is present and is prolonged when redosed.
DURATION = medium-high, 4 hours in total

POSITIVE = Good vendor with high quality products. We were especialy impressed with the professional packaging. This is what is lacking with a lot of other vendors. In addition, their website is clear and consise and includes a phone number and live chat.
NEGATIVE = There aren't any negative points we can think of when it comes to this vendor. The Ethylphenidate was of high quality.

COMMENTS: High quality ethylpenidate crystals. We like the packaging of this vendor and the website and comminucation is very professional. All in all a trustworthy vendor that's not likely to dissapear overnight. The Ethylphenidate does produce excess stim when redosed and the comedown is not pleasant, this is not the vendor's fault and is just a trade of the product, andEth the only reason the verdict is a 9 and not a 10.


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