6-APB from vip-legals.com

Vendor name:
VIP Legals

Website: www.vip-legals.com

Product: 6-(2-aminopropyl)benzofuran (6-APB)  CAS number: 286834-85-3

Price:  £22 for 500mg + £4 for posting to Spain

Appearance: Light tan fine brown powder

Quantity received: 500 mg

Delivery time: 7 days

Packaging: Discrete bubble envelope, with another shiny metal blue envelope which contained a plastic bag. On the bag was the name of the drug and the quantity. Inside the bag was another bag with the chem.

Marquis test results: Not tested

Dose tested: 250mg

Quality report

HIGH = slight euphoria, very mild, nothing special, not unpleasant, hardly stimmy.
COME UP & DOWN = Approx. 2 hours to fully come-up. Come down was hardy noticeable
DURATION = medium, 4 + hours.

POSITIVE = The packaging.
NEGATIVE = This vendor keeps on forgetting the etizolam tables that should go along. The communication is not very good, they do not ship in time and the prices are too high. This chemical seemed week. Either it was cut or it was a bad synth.

COMMENT: This didn't seem like 6-APB at all. Which came as a surprise as all other chems tested from this vendor were very pure.


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