The Team


Joolsa (Scotland)

Chemsrus member of the first hour. A genuine down to earth woman with a mind as sharp as a razor, a heart of gold and a broad interest and lust for life and laughter.

Elfie (Canada)

A Biology/Microbiology scientist with a passionate interest in progressive drug policy, Elfie acts as media spokesperson for

BobJawkins (UK)

A well spoken kind soul and humanist; probably the most articulate person on the internet today, with a very eclectic taste in music.

B.B Ronifka (Netherlands)

Tech guy from the Netherlands with a sound knowledge of research chemicals, web-related things and a profound love for lists. Ronifka is a part-time DJ.

Girlypants (UK)

A warm and social person who worked as a nurse for 18 years and specialized in terminal health comfort and welfare. A woman that will lend you her ear should you need it.

Geeza (NL)

Dutch, Norwegian, Professional train-wreck using his marketing skills to keep Chemsrus afloat and the information accessible. Loves his food, drink and music and animals.

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