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Commercial information


 what is benzo fury?


6-APB is a simple of MDA. It is an engineered drug. It is an empathogenic psychoactive planner drug that incorporates subbed benzofuran, subbed amphetamine, and subbed phenethylamine classes. It has a type of translucent powder. It has a more extended term. 

Benzo anger is otherwise called benzofuran, white pearl, 5-apdv, 5-apb, 6-apb, and 6-apdv. 

The benzo fierceness' sub-atomic equation is C11H13NO, and its molar mass is 175.23 g/mol g·mol−1. 

Benzo anger likewise incorporates a benzofuran ring. It is regularly known in the classification of "lawful highs" synthetics. 6-APB can build insight and cause a few mental impacts. It is propensity shaping and can cause dependence. Give your consideration to the measure of the item, and its recurrence is taken. [1] 

Benzo fierceness is authoritatively called 6-APB is an Euphoric Empathogen named an energizer. David Nichols was first who fabricated 6 apb. USA merchants started selling the compound online in 2010. The design of benzo fierceness pellets is undifferentiated from MDA. There isn't a lot of data about benzo fierceness impacts. They incorporate elation and incitement. Nonetheless, this data isn't sure.


Benzo fury popularity

They examined the most recent 5 years of the prominence of benzo anger. The UK is the most famous country in the interest where to purchase benzo wrath. Available to be purchased, USA and the Netherlands address nations where there is the most noteworthy prominence after the UK. 

In the chart, you can see the elements of the ubiquity of benzo fierceness. USA provider was the most mainstream in 2012, offering 6 apb purchase on the web.


At the diagram you can see the dynamics of popularity of benzo fury. USA supplier was the most popular in 2012 offering 6 apb buy online.


Biochemical Activity & Pharmacodynamics 


Benzo anger is a triple monoamine reuptake inhibitor with Ki upsides of 117, 150, and 2698 nM for NET, DAT, and SERT. It is additionally a strong agonist for the 5-HT2B receptor, and it implies that it very well may be cardiotoxic with long haul utilize like it was referenced in other 5-HT2B agonists, for example, fenfluramine and MDMA). The partiality of 6-APB to 5-HT2B is a lot higher. They are more strong and more specific among other serotonin receptors than the reference agonist, BW723C86. It is broadly utilized for investigation into 5-HT2B receptors. 

The pharmacokinetics of the benzo rage isn't concentrated as expected; that is the reason there isn't sufficient information. As per the client reports, the beginning of this medication is 40-120 minutes, and it endures around 7 hours.



Benzo fury effects

You should realize that benzo rage impacts are normally contrasted with MDMA.


Positive benzo fury effects are:

  • Changing mood
  • Euphoria
  • Visual perception


Negative benzo fury effects, such as:

  • Sickness
  • Increasing of sweating
  • Anxiety


Neutral benzo fury effects among which:

  • Change of consciousness and time feeling
  • Visual effects both when eyes are open and close




6-APB or benzo fury Dosage


6-apb for sale is available in the store.


Get acquainted with its dosage before using:

Light dose: 50-75 mg

Common dose: 75 – 125 mg


Legal Status   

In The US benzo fierceness isn't plan under the Federal Analog Act. 

The lawful status of Benzo anger in Canada contrasts 6-APB and MDA, and the two of them are in Schedule III. 

6-APB is unlawful in Italy, Portugal, and Germany. Benzo rage isn't endorsed for human utilization and unscheduled in the USA and France. 

In the Netherlands, It is a lawful powder. 

Benzo rage is remembered for wellbeing perils in Sweden. There are a few nations where the rundown of controlled synthetic compounds incorporates benzo wrath. Australia and New Zealand are among such nations. The legitimate status of 6-APB isn't controlled in Brazil. 

In the UK, 6-APB is remembered for the rundown of Temporary Class Drugs. 




Benzo fury experience and product reviews



Loads of individuals who have effectively attempted 6-APB imagine that it is a genuine article, and they expressed its closeness with MDA. Heaps of individuals don't have the foggiest idea about this in light of the fact that the names of the items are very extraordinary. The solitary distinction is that the carbon particle was swapped for the lower oxygen. 

A ton of clients expressed that it surpassed the entirety of the assumptions. There wasn't seen any downturn or aloofness. They made some extraordinary memories with this synthetic. 

A wide scope of customers are persuaded they will utilize it once more (obviously, close to once every month). Contrasting their experience and 6-APB, they expressed that benzo wrath is the most ideal decision among any remaining MDMA tests. 

Picking the correct exploration substance, give your consideration, that individuals who have effectively attempted 6-APB think it is appropriate for remaining in with companions and going out for mingling. 

Generally speaking, 6-APB is viewed as extraordinary and, all the more significantly, legitimate option for other MDMA.



1) I was searching for a benzo rage available to be purchased. The USA has the status where this examination synthetic is lawful, and my fundamental undertaking was to discover the result of incredible quality. Experimentation of a little amount of 6-APB bought in this online store gave me a solid force that couldn't measure up to some other. 

2) I purchased 6 apb, and it was conveyed in 5 days. 6-APB is very similar to other shower salts drugs. It was very much pressed and had great quality. I altogether suggest this online shop as solid and dependable. 

3) I need to impart to you my experience of utilizing the benzo fierceness free example. Previously, I'd utilized heaps of different gathering pills. Having a light portion, I have exactly what I need from 6 apb. 

After the conveyance, benzo fierceness looked as it was portrayed - like a translucent powder, tasting somewhat sweet. Subsequent to utilizing, I saw a little jaw pressure, and I was parched.



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