4-HTMPIPO is a synthetic cannabinoid compound that was initially detected in smoking products acquired from online retailers back in 2012. This substance, 4-HTMPIPO, is formed through the electrophilic addition of water to the cyclopropane segment of the synthetic cannabinoid UR-144. However, there is currently no available information regarding the in vitro or in vivo pharmacological properties of 4-HTMPIPO.

IUPAC name
CAS Number1445751-38-1 
Chemical and physical data
Molar mass329.484 g·mol−1


1. What is 4-HTMPIPO?

  • 4-HTMPIPO is a synthetic cannabinoid compound that was initially identified in smoking products purchased from online vendors in 2012. It is formed by adding water to the cyclopropane segment of the synthetic cannabinoid UR-144.

2. How is 4-HTMPIPO different from other synthetic cannabinoids?

  • 4-HTMPIPO is unique due to its specific chemical structure, resulting from modifying UR-144. Its properties and effects may differ from other synthetic cannabinoids.

3. What is known about the pharmacological properties of 4-HTMPIPO?

  • Currently, very little is known about the in vitro (in the lab) and in vivo (in living organisms) pharmacological properties of 4-HTMPIPO. Research in this area is limited.

4. Is 4-HTMPIPO legal for recreational use?

  • The legal status of 4-HTMPIPO may vary by country and region. It’s essential to be aware of the specific laws and regulations in your area regarding its use.

5. Are there any known health risks associated with 4-HTMPIPO use?

  • Due to the limited research on 4-HTMPIPO, its potential health risks and effects remain largely unknown. Using untested synthetic cannabinoids carries inherent risks.

6. Can 4-HTMPIPO be detected in drug tests?

  • The ability to detect 4-HTMPIPO in drug tests may depend on the specific tests used and the substances they are designed to identify.

7. What is the best approach to using 4-HTMPIPO safely, if at all?

  • It is not recommended to use 4-HTMPIPO or any untested synthetic cannabinoids, as their safety and effects are largely uncharted. If you have concerns about substance use, seek guidance from a healthcare professional.

8. Where can I find more information about 4-HTMPIPO and its effects?

  • For comprehensive information on 4-HTMPIPO, its properties, legal status, and potential health risks, consult reputable sources such as government health agencies, medical professionals, and substance abuse organizations.


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