Cyclohexeylphenol cannabinoids

CP 55,244

Summary CP 55,244, a chemical compound, serves as a potent agonist of cannabinoid receptors. Renowned for its analgesic properties, it finds significant utility in scientific investigations. With an extraordinary potency, CP 55,244 emerges as an extremely formidable CB1 full agonist, boasting a remarkable Ki of 0.21 nM, surpassing the commonly employed full agonist HU-210. Identifiers …

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CP 55,940

Summary CP 55,940, a synthetic cannabinoid, replicates the effects of naturally found THC, one of the active compounds present in cannabis. This compound was originally developed by Pfizer in 1974 but was never brought to the market. Today, it is a valuable research tool for investigating the endocannabinoid system. Identifiers IUPAC name CAS Number 83002-04-4 …

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CP 47,497

Summary CP 47,497, also known as (C7)-CP 47,497, is a cannabinoid receptor agonist medication initially crafted by Pfizer during the 1980s. This compound, valued for its analgesic properties, is crucial in scientific investigations. Notably, CP 47,497 is a robust CB1 agonist with a Kd value of 2.1 nM. Identifiers IUPAC name CAS Number (1S,3R): 70434-82-1  PubChem …

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