FUB-JWH-018, sometimes referred to as FUB-018, is a synthetic cannabinoid derived from naphthoylindole. It can be described as a molecular hybrid, combining elements of JWH-018 and AB-FUBICA or ADB-FUBICA.

IUPAC name
CAS Number2365471-45-8 
Chemical and physical data
Molar mass379.434 g·mol−1

Legal status

In the United States, substances that activate CB1 receptors in the 3-(1-naphthyl)indole class, like FUB-JWH-018, are classified as Schedule I Controlled Substances. Furthermore, as of October 2015, FUB-JWH-018 is regulated as a controlled substance in China.


  • What is FUB-JWH-018?
  • FUB-JWH-018, also known as FUB-018, is a synthetic cannabinoid that falls within the 3-(1-naphthyl)indole class.
  • How does FUB-JWH-018 work?
  • FUB-JWH-018 interacts with cannabinoid receptors, particularly CB1 receptors, in a way that can produce effects similar to those of cannabis.
  • Is FUB-JWH-018 legal in the United States?
  • No, FUB-JWH-018, along with other CB1 receptor agonists of the 3-(1-naphthyl)indole class, is classified as a Schedule I Controlled Substance in the United States, making it illegal.
  • When did FUB-JWH-018 become a controlled substance in China?
  • FUB-JWH-018 was designated as a controlled substance in China as of October 2015.
  • What are the potential effects of FUB-JWH-018?
  • Like other synthetic cannabinoids, FUB-JWH-018 may produce various effects, including altered perception, mood changes, and relaxation. However, these effects can vary among individuals and may carry health risks.
  • Is FUB-JWH-018 safe to use?
  • The safety of FUB-JWH-018 is a subject of concern, and its unregulated nature can lead to unpredictable health risks. It is not approved for medical or recreational use.
  • Are there any legal uses for FUB-JWH-018?
  • FUB-JWH-018 is typically not associated with legal uses, and its production and distribution are often subject to legal restrictions in various countries.
  • Where can I find more information about FUB-JWH-018?
  • For further information, it is advisable to consult reputable sources and adhere to local laws and regulations regarding substances like FUB-JWH-018, which may vary by jurisdiction.


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