N-Morpholinyllysergamide (LSM-775) is a compound derived from ergine. While it is not as potent as LSD, it is known to induce LSD-like effects within a dosage range of 75 to 700 micrograms, albeit with a shorter duration of action. Notably, LSM-775 is associated with fewer indications of cardiovascular stimulation and peripheral toxicity when compared to LSD.

IUPAC name
CAS Number4314-63-0 
PubChem CID199507
CompTox Dashboard (EPA)DTXSID50195718
Chemical and physical data
Molar mass337.423 g·mol−1


1. What is LSM-775?

  • LSM-775, also known as N-Morpholinyllysergamide, is a derivative of ergine. It shares some similarities with LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) regarding its psychedelic effects.

2. How does LSM-775 compare to LSD?

  • LSM-775 is considered to be less potent than LSD, meaning that higher doses are required to achieve similar effects. Additionally, LSM-775 is known to have a shorter action duration than LSD.

3. What are the reported effects of LSM-775?

  • Users have reported experiencing LSD-like effects when consuming LSM-775. These effects can include alterations in perception, mood, and consciousness. The results may vary from person to person and can depend on dosage and individual sensitivity.

4. What is the typical dosage for LSM-775?

  • The dosage for LSM-775 can vary widely, but reported dosages range from 75 to 700 micrograms. It’s essential to exercise caution and start with a lower dose if you are experimenting with this substance, as individual responses can differ.

5. How is LSM-775 consumed?

  • LSM-775 is typically ingested orally, often as a tablet, blotter paper, or liquid solution. It is essential to ensure that the substance is obtained from a reliable source to minimize potential risks associated with impurities.

6. What is the duration of effects for LSM-775?

  • While the duration of effects can vary among individuals, LSM-775 is generally associated with a shorter period of action than LSD. The results may last several hours but are typically not as prolonged.

7. Are there any safety precautions for using LSM-775?

  • As with any psychedelic substance, using LSM-775 responsibly and in a safe environment is crucial. Start with a lower dose if you are inexperienced, and avoid using it alone. Be mindful of your mental and physical well-being during the experience.

8. Is LSM-775 legal?

  • Legal status can vary by country and region. In some places, LSM-775 may be considered illegal or fall under controlled substance regulations. Always check local laws and regulations before obtaining or using this substance.

9. Are there any known side effects or risks associated with LSM-775?

  • Like other psychedelic substances, LSM-775 can have unpredictable effects, and individuals may experience adverse reactions such as anxiety, paranoia, or disorientation. It’s crucial to have a trusted and sober individual present to provide support if needed.

10. Can LSM-775 be habit-forming?

– There is limited research on the potential habit-forming nature of LSM-775. However, like other psychedelics, it is generally not considered physically addictive. Psychological dependence is possible but relatively rare.

Remember that using LSM-775 or any other psychedelic substance has potential risks and should be approached with caution and responsibility. Always prioritize your safety and well-being when experimenting with such compounds.


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