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5-Methylmethiopropamine, also known as 5-MMPA or mephedrene, is a stimulant substance that represents a ring-substituted variant of methiopropamine. Unlike mephedrone, it is not a substituted cathinone derivative, as it lacks a ketone group at the β position of the aliphatic side chain. Instead, its chemical structure bears a closer resemblance to substituted amphetamines. This compound gained attention as a designer drug, with its first identification occurring in Germany in June 2020.

IUPAC name
CAS Number1340105-79-4 
PubChem CID64487873
Chemical and physical data
Molar mass169.29 g·mol−1

Legal status

Legal status
Legal statusDE: NpSG (Industrial and scientific use only) UK: Under Psychoactive Substances Act


1. What is 5-Methylmethiopropamine (5-MMPA)?

  • 5-Methylmethiopropamine, commonly called 5-MMPA or Mephedrene, is a stimulant substance with chemical properties similar to substituted amphetamines.

2. How does 5-MMPA differ from other designer drugs like mephedrone?

  • Unlike mephedrone, a substituted cathinone derivative, 5-MMPA does not possess a ketone group at the β position of the aliphatic side chain. Instead, it has a chemical structure more closely resembling substituted amphetamines.

3. When was 5-MMPA first identified as a designer drug?

  • 5-MMPA was first identified as a designer drug in Germany in June 2020, where it gained recognition and attention.

4. Is 5-MMPA legal to use and possess?

  • The legal status of 5-MMPA can vary by country and region. It is essential to check local laws and regulations regarding this substance’s possession, sale, or use, as it may be subject to legal restrictions.

5. What are the potential effects and risks associated with 5-MMPA use?

  • Given its relatively recent identification, information about the effects and risks of 5-MMPA may be limited. However, any designer drug or stimulant may carry health risks and potential side effects. It’s crucial to be cautious and well-informed.

6. Is there ongoing research or scientific interest in 5-MMPA?

  • Research and scientific interest in 5-MMPA may be emerging, but information may be limited. Researchers may study its pharmacological effects and potential risks to understand its properties better.


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